I have a great love for glass because it is such a versatile and stylish material.

Our story

As a young mom, I think it’s important to be aware of our planet. That is why we opted for a tap with filtered water when renovating our home. Goodbye plastic waste mountain!

But the eye also wants something. The conscious choices I make always go hand in hand with a good dash of aesthetics. As an interior enthusiast I like to pay attention to details that give my surroundings a stylish upgrade.

And glass is one of my favorites, because it is a versatile and elegant atmosphere maker. When my grandmother gave us 100-year-old vintage Val Saint Lambert glasses in different colors for our wedding, it was love at first sight.

When we invite friends, I combine this special glassware with my modern tableware. It gives the dining table a unique and atmospheric touch.

With Paveau I want to merge sustainability and inspiring design into a stylish interior item.

Sustainable design

To complete that stylish atmosphere at the table, I went looking for a beautiful and easy to refill glass water bottle with a screw cap. But the options proved limited. The idea grew gradually to launch a brand, based on sustainability and inspiring design.

Suddenly all the glass pieces fell into each other, fused into a new concept: Paveau Glassware.

With a lot of love and a heart for nature, we create stylish glass water bottles in different colors that can be effortlessly mixed & matched, according to the interior or … the mood.