Our bottles were designed to allow more sustainability to seep into life. Out of love for people and planet.

Every drop counts

When I lived in Australia for a while years ago, I was first confronted with the scarcity, and therefore the preciousness, of water. The host family where I stayed was very conscious and sparing with it.

Every drop counts.

It is a philosophy that I still hold dear to this day and which also forms the basis of Paveau.

Because we want to help build a world where everyone has free access to clean water, Paveau, as a donating Member of the Spring, is committed to the organization Charity: Water.

Less waste

With Paveau we also give conscious consumption – with less plastic waste  – a boost. Because every year no less than eight million tons of non-degradable plastic waste disappears into our oceans. The consequences for our planet are dramatic.

By using our glass bottles, you reduce the mountain of waste and contribute to a more sustainable and beautiful planet.